Poser is looking to hire more Awesome people!

Union League of Philadelphia photo booth

We are looking for awesome photobooth attendants to join our team!

Here are the deets:
Employment type: part-time

Compensation: Hourly pay including 1 hour before and after the event.
Travel outside 50 miles of Philadelphia is compensated.
Training required and paid.

Our studio: Collegeville, Pa

What you’ll do:
-Pick up the booth from our studio and arrive 1-1.5 hour before start time to set up the booth.

-Set up the booth. We provide a handtruck to make moving the booth easy. Some of the equipment is heavy but definitely possible for one person to lift. Setup includes the booth itself (small unit), running cables, the printer, a backdrop, and props. On occasion there will also be an iPad that would be set up for social media sharing.

-While the booth is running you’ll be interacting with the guests, encouraging silliness of course, and making it a fun experience.

-You’ll also have to do some troubleshooting from time to time as well as replace paper and ink.

-The booth will have to be returned to us within a day or two after the event.

Required Skills and Knowledge:
-Speak english (jokes!)
-Ability to work nights and weekends
-Must have basic computer knowledge
-Must love people because you’ll be with them the whole time!
-Must be able to lift at least 50 pounds (looking good while doing it is a plus) (more jokes!)
-Must be able to transport all equipment in your own vehicle. The booth can fit into 90% of all cars.
-Must be at least 21 years old
-You must be reliable and trustworthy of course.
-Must be energetic and fun!

Apply at michael@poserphotobooth.co

Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum photo booth 44


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