Surprise! | Birthday Party Photo Booth

Recently we were on hand to help celebrate the birth of one of our favorite people on the planet. She had no idea we were gonna be there to party hard and that’s what made it all the sweeter! We’re talking of course about M2 Photography‘s own Melissa!  No party is complete without a birthday party photo booth and we were more than happy to be there.

All Melissa wanted to do for her birthday was dance and have a night to remember. Luckily, the host of her shindig had the foresight to have everyone come together at The Ruba Club and with the help of our friends at LOVESICK DJs all of the guests danced the night away in celebration of one special individual. Enough talk, just check out these amazing pictures!

Nothing says “Happy Birthday!” like a round of lemon drops with the gal pals

Slothing it up in the booth

Usually I wait for the piñata to open before eating but, do you boo

Adult beverages help your dance moves (trust me)

SURPRISE! (that’s the birthday girl, yo)

Whole lotta love in this booth

This party was BYOP (Bring Your Own Props)

Sharing is caring. Yes, even hair sharing

Good lookin’ group right there


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