Michelle & Matt's Greystone Hall Photo Booth was a huge hit. Greystone Hall is a real hidden gem nestled in the woods in West Chester, PA. We love this venue because it reminds us of an old timey mansion so we automatically feel 10x cooler as soon as we step inside. Not that we need any boosts to our ego (we rock hard) but it's always a nice feeling. This venue was the absolute perfect choice for Michelle & Matt's wedding. 

The couple chose our white and gold mermaid backdrop which is still fairly new to our little family of backdrops. It's definitely the Marsha Brady of the bunch- I mean look at her, she's a stunner! Michelle & Matt's guests had a good old time making their own designs in the sequins. It's way more fun than it should be. 

One of our fav things about this booth was the custom shark prop that the couple had made. The grooms last name is "Sharkey", so it was a super fun and goofy choice. It made for some pretty funny shots. Michelle & Matt, we had a blast and felt so honored to be part of your wedding. Thanks for choosing Poser Photobooth Co

Whiteboards > chalkboards. Our professional opinion. 

Ooooh boy, you sassy.  

Weekend at Bernie's.

Natural beauty is hard to come by. 

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