This past Friday we had the pleasure of donating our services to Night to Shine for the second year in a row.  NTS is a prom experience for those with special needs.  It's a moving experience and we highly suggest donating your time/talent for next years event!  They have them all over the country the same night so there's a good chance you can find a local one!

We partnered with Gethrr, a local non profit along with many other creatives.  If you're looking for a way to connect and give back to your community, please check them out!  Membership starts at just $1 a month!

The booth we donated had a stunning silver backdrop and some seriously super props. You can really see just how much everyone enjoyed this booth and we were more than happy to be apart of an awesome night. Now, let's get to it.  Some pics!

This is Tim.  He's the founder of Pixifi, a Gethrr business partner.  He was the hype man who gave every special guest a fun, loud, and energetic introduction.  He was amazing!!

Super props for super people

Just a couple of captains killing the booth!

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Kisses are always welcome in a Poser Photobooth

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The booth definitely works best with groups

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