This PAFA Photo Booth was chock full of awesomeness. As always, Philadelphia Academy of Fine Arts was a kick ass, full of amazingness venue. It was just perfect for Emily & Alex's beautiful wedding day. The couple chose to utilize our new, white and gold sequin Mermaid Backdrop, which is pretty much the bomb diggity. It looked pretty amazing, don't you agree?

Aside from visual appeal, this backdrop is also super duper rad and interactive as guests can change the look using their hands. Or, you know, whatever body part they want. (Get your mind out of the gutter, guys. That's not what we meant). For real though, the Mermaid backdrop adds a total wow-factor to the entire event. If you are looking for something different to set the stage for your photo booth, the mermaid backdrop is your jam! It's also available in black and gold, which is equally as cool and striking. 

Emily & Alex's guests were awesome and they had a blast putting our vintage prop set to work. The resulting photos were fun, hilarious, and just a little bit weird. They will make great keepsakes for all who attended. Especially the weird ones. They're always the best. 

Emily & Alex, thank you so much for allowing Poser Photobooth Co. to be part of your day- it was truly a pleasure and we had so much fun! We hope you enjoy this small sampling of some of the best shots captured in this spunky PAFA photo booth. 

alt="PAFA Photo Booth" alt="PAFA Photo Booth" alt="PAFA Photo Booth"

Dapper AF. 

alt="PAFA Photo Booth" alt="PAFA Photo Booth"

When your hotline has no bling. 

alt="PAFA Photo Booth" alt="PAFA Photo Booth"

We feel you, dude. 

alt="PAFA Photo Booth" alt="PAFA Photo Booth"

Bro-ing it up.

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