This Winterthur photo booth was full of animal heads and general debauchery. Colleen and Matthew's Winterthur wedding was gorgeous and classy, but their Poser photo booth was one area where all the guests let it all hang out. The couple chose a fun and sparkly rose gold sequin backdrop which added depth and extra pretty interest. Everyone put the stick props and chalkboard signs to great use, and the animal heads... well they just speak for themselves. A bride wearing a unicorn head always makes for a good photo grab! 

Poser Photobooth Co. absolutely loved helping Colleen and Matthew capture the fun energy of their wedding day. Their guests were down to get crazy with the props and we think they ended up with some really awesome pictures. Some are crazier than others, but they all tell the same story: Colleen and Matthew's wedding was one hell of an awesome party! You can tell from these photos that there was never a dull moment and a good time was had by all. Colleen and Matthew, thank you for allowing Poser Photobooth Co. to be part of your celebrations! 

The bride had a really talented make-up artist, amirite? 

The gang's all here! 

giggly candids are the best 

Nothing to see here... 

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