We’re looking for new team members!

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Job Title:  The best photo booth attendant ever

Employment type: Part Time.  You choose the dates you want to work!

Compensation: Provided after inquiry.  We pay the best though so…  =)

Training: We provide a video training, in person training, and have you shadow an event with another attendant.

Photobooth pick up location: Eagleville, Pa

What you’ll do:
-Pick up the booth from our storage locker and arrive usually 2 hours before start time to set up the booth.

-Set up the booth. We provide a cart to make moving the booth easy. Some of the equipment is heavy but definitely possible for one person to lift. Setup includes the booth itself (small unit), running cables/taping, the printer, a backdrop, and props. An iPad is set up as well for most events.

-While the booth is running you’ll be interacting with the guests, encouraging silliness of course, and making it a fun experience.

-You’ll also have to do some troubleshooting from time to time as well as replace paper and ink.  We have various ways of providing support while at an event.

-The booth will have to be returned to us usually the same day.

Required Skills and Knowledge
-Ability to work nights and weekends
-Must have basic computer knowledge
-Must love people because you’ll be with them the whole dang time!
-Must have patience for people and for the process of learning something new
-Must be able to lift at least 50 pounds (looking good while doing it is a plus) 
-Must be able to transport all equipment in your own vehicle. The booth can fit into 99.99% of all cars.
-You must be reliable and trustworthy of course.
-Must be energetic and fun!

———————> Apply at michael@poserphotobooth.co <———————

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